BMW N54 air filter box

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The air filter box for the BMW models with N54 engine was developed according to the most innovative standards. The focus in development was on reducing the pressure loss, which was reduced by 31 percent through this air filter box. This optimization has the following advantages:

  • more power up to 16 HP

  • more torque up to 25 Nm

  • Relieving the turbocharger

  • better responsiveness

  • less fuel consumption (theoretical approach 0.6 l / 100km)

  • less pollutant emissions (theoretical approach 1.4 kg Co2 / 100km)

Due to the nature-oriented geometries, the swirling of the intake air is minimized many times, which improves the turbine efficiency of the turbocharger. As a result, the turbochargers need to do less work to reach the target boost pressure. By minimizing the pressure loss, the overall efficiency of the engine is significantly increased. Several performance tests with different partners, such as B. MHD, Bimmertech, Optimum Maps and EZ-Performance. Theincrease in power and torque was noticeably and measurably increased over the entire speed range.

The air filter box fits the following models:

  • E90/91 335i (xi), E92 335i (is, xi)

  • E93 335i(is)

  • E82 1 M Coupe, E82 135i , E88 135i

  • E60 535i (xi) ,E61 535xi

The parts certificate for the StVO approval drawn up by a certified institution is included. This means that the air filter box can be entered in the registration of the vehicle at any certified TÜV test center.

Scope of delivery:

      • Air filter box

      • Screw connections upper / lower box

      • Air filter

      • Parts certificate (Germany)

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