As a development office for automotive customers, we too have thought about how we can help to contain the corona virus or slow down the spread of the virus in these dramatic times. When a nursing home came to us from the acquaintance of one of our employees and asked us if we saw a way to develop something that would avoid contact with door handles, the idea for this anti-coronavirus door opener was born. Due to warnings from the federal government, the nursing home was very concerned about infections in the nursing home's patients. Doorknobs are real virus throwers. This anti-corona virus door opener makes it possible to open doors with your forearm without having to use your hand. This prevents viruses from being distributed via the doorknob. The nursing home was able to significantly minimize the risk of infections. The door opener is 100% Made in Germany.
The ANTI-CORONA DOOR OPENER is ideal for public buildings, office complexes or in the health sector. Wherever human encounters occur, it makes sense to take preventive measures to reduce the spread of the corona virus, but also other viruses.

In the corona crisis, speed can help save lives. If medical devices need spare parts, delivery bottlenecks can currently occur. This is where RevDop helps. Spare parts can be scanned, digitized and produced with the 3D printer within a short time. We work closely with hospitals and have already been able to help with the maintenance of medical devices, for example by B. Reconstructed adapters, brackets, valves and fasteners with a 3D scanner and the reverse engineering process and then manufactured them with the 3D printer. RevDop has all the technical possibilities. Almost any mechanical spare part can be realized. New developments that help to make work in hospitals easier and thus save lives can also be implemented in the shortest possible time. We have to rethink these times! No idea should fail due to a lack of creativity or a lack of technical possibilities!

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