Toyota Supra Air Intake


Ready for dispatch in 2 – 3 working days!


Toyota Supra Air Intake GR (A90) / BMW Z4 (G29) air filter box

With the help of our extraordinary development, we have developed the Toyota Supra Air Intake / BMW Z4 Air Intake. The nature-oriented geometry shows the perfect flow in the intake area. This will enormously reduce the pressure loss. This results in a significant increase in power / torque and also relieves the load on the engine.

Technical data of the Toyota Supra / BMW Z4 air filter box:

  • Plug & Play
  • Power and torque increase: Max +25 HP / Max +56 Nm
  • Minimization of pressure loss through organic geometry of the flow space
  • Avoids stall and backflow / swirling
  • Engine efficiency is increased
  • Relieving the turbocharger
  • More homogeneous flow to the filter element
  • Use of series filters and filter media of the same type from other manufacturers



Scope of delivery:

  • Top box
  • Lower box
  • Screws




This product was developed for the racetrack and is not StVo approved.