Front Canards – Street Spec Lexus ISF




Front Canards – Street Spec Lexus ISF



Technical specifications:

  • Additional downforce on the front axle
  • Airflow optimization
  • Easy construction
  • Perfect fit and coordination
  • Technical plastic, tested for the body area, designed for a long service life
  • Subtle racing look
  • Unpainted – painting must be done by the customer


Front canards are used to further optimize the handling of a vehicle by generating additional downforce at the front at higher speeds and optimally guiding incoming air past the wheel arches.

Additional contact pressure on the front axle improves driving behavior enormously through increased traction and higher cornering speeds.

In order to prevent imbalances in the contact pressure between the front of the vehicle and the rear of the vehicle, front canards and front splinters have become an integral part of motorsport.

As one of the few companies worldwide, we put a lot of effort into adapting all of our performance parts specifically to a vehicle and to coordinate them perfectly, as well as verifying them with test results.

Made of durable and lightweight plastic, the canards adapt to the shape of the front bumper. A supplied template helps to determine the perfect position for maximum efficiency. The assembly is done by gluing with any suitable body adhesive such as Sikaflex or optionally by screwing. The hollowed-out inside prevents the adhesive from escaping.

The Street Spec. The variant gives the IS F a subtle racing look coupled with measurable and noticeable performance advantages on the racetrack.

For Tracktools we also offer the Racing Spec for maximum downforce. Variant on Race Spec



This product was developed for the racetrack and is not StVo approved.